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Randy Nabors

Randy Nabors grew up in the inner-city of Newark, NJ, in a church that had a strong commitment to the city and its people. Randy is the Pastor Emeritus of New City Chattanooga and now serves as the Coordinator of Urban and Mercy Ministries for Mission to North America, as well as serving as the Coordinator of the New City Network.  Randy is a graduate of Covenant Seminary in St. Louis (M.Div), and has done graduate work in urban sociology and urban ministry at the College of Urban Life, Georgia State University and Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.   He and his wife Joan have 4 children.


Reconciliation and Justice – audio

Reconciliation and Justice  – pdf


Dismantling Cultural Presuppositions that Hinder Reconciliation and Justice – audio

Dismantling Cultural Presuppositions – pdf


Reconciliation and Justice in the Church and the Power Structures of the World  – with Thurman Williams, audio


The Church and Its Role in Public Justice – pdf


Letters from Devoted PCA Pastors Regarding Reconciliation – pdf



Click here for a link to purchase Randy Nabors’ book, MERCIFUL


“Laying Down Our Lives, Laying Down Our Possessions”audio